Growing up in small towns in Minnesota, Sara started singing as soon as she could. With a musical family, and family history, it was a part of every day life. From piano lessons, to self-teaching guitar and other instruments, as well as singing in choirs and groups with school and friends, she was always looking to learn more and make more music.

After college, Sara began to write music with the inspiration and encouragement of close friends. Songwriting became an outlet for expressing herself, and was a significant tool used in personal growth and healing. As a naturally quiet person, she always struggled to speak up for herself. Songwriting gave her the voice that she had always dreamed of.

She sings songs from the heart. Soul music. Songs of healing and struggle, songs of love and friendship. On a continual journey to know herself, she uses music to process and reflect on life and all of the ups and downs that come with it.


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